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LS588 (Run Flat)
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275/40R20 106W
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LS588 UHP SUV Run on Flat


The Landsail Runflat Series (RFT) are a select number of tire types fitted with runflat technology. The tires have reinforced sidewalls that can carry the weight of the car, even when there is no air in the tire. Due to the design of the tire you don’t feel much difference between a punctured tire and a tire with the right pressure. That is why runflat tires can only be installed on suitable wheels. You can keep driving when you have a flat tire, which is not possible with a normal tire. It is possible to drive a distance of 80 km with an adjusted maximum speed of 80km/h on a Landsail with RFT technology. An empty runflat tire that has been driven on always has to be replaced.


The Landsail Run on Flat Technologies

The Landsail run on Flat tires are armed with the most advanced tires’ technologies such as:

  • A specially reinforced inner wall carries the weight of the car the moment the air pressure drops. The sidewalls of the tire are extra sturdy, which causes the tire to retain its shape.
  • Extra carcass layers provide stability when driving on a flat tire.
  • The silica rubber compound provides extra stability when the pressure is dropping


The Landsail LS588 SUV is the newest addition to the Landsail SUV range is the LS588 SUV. The LS588 SUV is designed for Ultra High Performance SUV driving. The LS588 SUV is an all-round performer offering a great balance of fuel efficiency, dry and wet weather grip, and low noise characteristics.

The Landsail LS588 SUV is equipped with the following advanced features and technologies:

Advanced Tread Compound.

Our advanced silica tread compound boosts rolling resistance and helps improve fuel efficiency.


Optimized Tread Design.

Our computer-aided design has optimized the tread pitch and alignment reducing road noise levels at higher speeds.

Lateral and Longitudinal Grooves.

Deliver smooth handling and better control on dry and wet roads.

Wet Grip Sipes and Grooves.

Added sipes and grooves improves hydroplaning resistance and better handling on wet roads.

Dry Grip.

Tread design creates a much larger contact area allowing better stability, cornering and control.



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Run Flat
LS588 (Run Flat)
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LS588 (Run Flat)
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